We're a couple sets of brothers and a childhood friend that love playing music and entertaining .

Our unique experiences, and common bonds, have helped us spawn our own sound that borrows from an array of styles including:

Traditional Folk, Progressive Rock, Salsa, Blues, Ska, Gypsy, and Classic Rock.

Four-part vocal harmonies, tight instrumental interplay, high-energy performances, and providing a great friggin' time is what we do.

Mike Higgins (guitar, vocals)


Mike founded the Tri'ole in 2009 with Wesley and Johnny "Hot-Hands" Kovarik. Mike is one of our song writers, composes much of the music and also toots a little trumpet in his spare time. Mike wears dad shirts, is a hell of a gardener, and chugs La Croix all day every day. 

Dan Yaeger (spoons, aux percussion, vocals)


Dan played played the side of a computer on his first gig with the Tri'ole in 2010. Johnny gave him his first pair of spoons and the band hasn't been the same since. Dan is really good at video games and has the longest arm span in the group.

Wesley Full (cajon, congas)


Wesley is a founding member of the Tri'ole along with Mike, but at that time he played bass. Luckily he gave up on that and now slaps the crap out of things instead. One time the internet said he writes all of our songs. When you meet him, you'll understand better why that is false. 

Rob Higgins (bass, vocals)


Rob joined the band in 2011 as a mandolin player. Now he shreds the upright bass, writes songs and sings real pretty. Rob likes to have at least 4 different types of drinks on stage the same time, cause "variety".

Rich Yaeger (trumpet, vocals)

Rich joined the Trio'le in 2010 after seeing them play in a smoky, glass covered, dangerous basement. "It can't get much worse than this..." he thought while asking to join the band. Rich is a song writer and trumpeteer who has a cute dog with t-rex arms that sings while he practices.